Speed & Style at the V & A

Last weekend I had the fortune to visit the Ocean Liners: Speed and Style exhibition at the V&A. Once again the value of getting a V&A membership was demonstrated. At £89 a year for a member+one you will probably recoup the cost in just two visits to the V&A’s amazing exhibitions and you have the added benefit of using the very plush new Members Restaurant too!

The V & A describe the exhibition as “Experience a unique journey through the design stories of the world’s greatest ocean liners, including the Titanic, Normandie, the Queen Mary and the Canberra, and find out how these impressive vessels helped shape the modern world”. Couldn’t put it better myself!


just like being at sea!

There’s lots to see. You could easlily spend an hour looking at all the exhibits which range from the fantastic graphics of promotional posters…….

… to artifacts from some of the most beautiful liners in the world including the Titanic.

Slightly macabre is a poster ffrom America promoting a “Titanic Disaster” theme park ride at Coney Island.


Oh… and don’t forget the Members Restaurant & Bar!!



Altogether highly recommended.


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