I’m back!

Having got back on track with my other blog “Londonstoneandmetal”, I decided to re-engerise “Ink” as well. I’m going to change the focus a little and turn it into more of a photo journal. I’ll write about things that I have seen, places that I have been, restaurants I have visited, music that I’m listening to and stuff in general. I hope that appeals. It’s not original by any means but it is personal and it will get me writing again.


The Vault beneath The Ned in Poultry, London

I had the fortune to have had a meeting yesterday afternoon in the Members Bar of The Ned, the former Midland Bank HQ in Poultry in the City of London. To the side of the reception desk in the basement, this amazing bank vault can be found. I wasn’t allowed inside but was told that I may take a photo. I’m glad I did. It reminds me of something out of a James Bond film!  Aside from this, the Members Bar is extremely civilised (especially on a wet February afternoon) and they serve a very good cup of English Breakfast tea. There is also a cocktail bar and numerous little cubby holes for tete-a-tetes which no doubt, should they be able to talk, would have some tales to tell!

Not being a regular visitor to the City these days, I had not realised that The Ned was a 5 Star hotel. Passing liveried doormen (who were ultra-polite) one emerges into the enormous former banking hall with it’s black and white tiled floor and green marble columns. The place is alive with the hubbub of both business meetings and tourists taking afternoon tea. Numerous people are obviously waiting for others, not knowing what they look like and staring intently at everyone who enters the lobby , looking for a cue to see if it is the person they are meant to be meeting. A great place for spies I would imagine.

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