Hampstead Pt3

Arriving at the restaurant door, Cedric was somewhat puzzled. He was sure that it used to be green and now it was all glass and chrome. Also, it looked terribly busy inside. Still, never mind he thought, things change over the years and in this case, although he was yet to find out exactly how, they had changed dramatically. Cedric and Elspeth waited just inside the door for someone to show them to their table. And waited And waited. Eventually something akin to an actor from the Rocky Horror Show, all piercings and black lips and black clothes from head to foot, shimmied up to them.

“Just the two?”

“Two what?”


“No, I can see what looks like hundreds – have you got a little table in the window?”

“I’ll see what I can do” it said. “It” because as of yet Cedric had not made his mind up whether he had been talking to a man or a woman. Coming back to them the person said “ I’ve found you somewhere nice”.

Grateful, Cedric followed the apparition in black. Elspeth, floaty shiffon-clad and in tow to their table. Not so much theirs as most of the rest of Camden’s by the look of it. There was much huffing and manoevering of shopping bags, buggies, small wayward children, elbows and other assorted limbs. Cedric and Elspeth perched opposite each other on the end of a long polished wooden table. They were also seated on benches and caused quite a commotion trying to get their legs over the bench and under the table so much so that Elspeth ended up sitting on the table with her feet on the bench below. Whilst rearranging herself into something resembling a normal seating position the angel of death returned with a menu. Cedric had in mind something classically French to impress Elspeth. He was having some problem finding what he wanted on the broadsheet sized menu. There appeared to be a lot of soup. And he asked “What are noodles?”. There was a certain amount of mirth around him. Cedric’s normal existence was reserved to a radius of about a mile from his house and tended to be restricted to a well-trodden route and selection of emporia where he did what shopping was necessary.

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